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Trenchless Sewer Services

Innovative Sewer Repair Methods in Menlo Park

In the past, having a sewer problem was particularly dreaded not only because of the unpleasant smells and costly repairs, but because of the extensive restoration process was almost as much as a nightmare as the sewer issue itself. Originally, plumbers had to simply dig around, uprooting people’s yards and landscaping in the process, and sometimes even accidentally damaging other critical gas or electrical lines.

However, due to the superior innovation of trenchless line repair and replacement, you no longer have to worry about this devastating process. With our dedicated Redwood City trenchless sewer services, you can depend on our team at Commando Plumbing to protect your entire property.

Contact us now at (650) 690-4868 to learn more about our non-intrusive, environmentally friendly trenchless services.

The Difference Between Trenchless Pipe Lining & Trenchless Bursting

Both trenchless pipe lining and bursting are superior, non-invasive techniques for restoring your sewer lines that do not require your beautifully landscaped yard or your prized lawn to be dug up. However, they both have different functions. With pipe lining, the old pipe may still be usable, even though it is no longer strong enough to serve much longer on its own. By inserting a special sleeve coated with epoxy resin directly into the line, our technicians will seamlessly smooth over every crack and fix every leak. Once the resin has hardened, both the old pipe and the addition have been combined into a perfect, brand-new pipe without any indication that the lining process even took place.

In contrast, if your old sewer line has suffered too much wear-and-tear, or if the line has fully collapsed, bursting may be a better option. Our technicians can place in a brand-new line which is topped with a specialized head designed to burst through the old pipe. As this line is inserted, it easily replaces the old one, pushing any remaining debris harmlessly into the soil around.

What Are the Benefits of Trenchless Methods?

Understandably, those who own homes and businesses in Redwood City may be unsure about opting for trenchless services if they have only heard about them recently. However, when our clients hear about all the advantages which come from going trenchless, few can turn down this stellar innovation in sewer services.

Just some examples of the multiple advantages that come from using trenchless repairs, instead of traditional methods for digging up pipes, include:

  • Great savings, since the job no longer requires a massive crew to perform the work underground, and there is no need for extensive costs of landscape restoration and aftercare
  • A much faster completion rate, since our technicians can perform repairs in just a few days with trenchless methods, as opposed to the multiple weeks or even months undertaken with normal digging and replacing techniques
  • Much stronger, more durable piping systems, which means that they will have extended lifespans and fewer needs for replacements
  • A lack of invasive damage on your property, since all your lawns, yards, driveways, and other foundational elements do not need to be dug up

No matter what kind of trenchless repair you require, you can rest assured that our reliable technicians at Commando Plumbing will be available to answer all your questions regarding any aspect of our careful process.

Call us today at (650) 690-4868 or contact us online and we would be happy to provide a free estimate for our Redwood City trenchless sewer services.