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Gas Lines

Gas Line Plumbing in Redwood City

No Matter What, We Will Always Be There

There may come a time when you find yourself in need of a plumber for a problem related to your gas lines. It may be clogged, or your pilot light may have gone out, and you are unable to relight it yourself. Even though natural gas is odorless and colorless, you may have a rotten egg smell floating around your home, indicating a gas leak. For any of these instances, we are highly trained in plumbing in Redwood City and are prepared to take on the problem. We offer 24-hour emergency services because we know that gas line issues do not always occur during regular business hours. We are happy to come out and diagnose the problem and offer you solutions.

Contact Commando Plumbing at (650) 690-4868 for all your Redwood City gas line plumbing-related troubles. We are energetic, enthusiastic, and on the way!

What Gas Lines Are Made Of

Gas lines are usually run with one of three types of piping. Copper piping is infrequently used because it is incredibly conductive, inflexible, and more prone to leakage. However, it is appropriate in some circumstances. Sometimes polypropylene pipes, which are constructed from a thermoplastic polymer, are used but are not preferred. The best type of material to use to deliver gas to a home is flexible carbon steel. Because it is flexible, it reduces the need to use bits and pieces of pipes fitted together, and this cuts down on the possibility of gas leaks. Carbon steel is strong and able to stand up to the elements as well. Our experienced Redwood City gas line plumbing experts have the expertise to run any type of gas line the situation calls for.

There are many reasons for running natural gas lines into your home, including:

  • Appliances, such as a range/oven or a clothes dryer
  • BBQs, patio heaters, and fire pits
  • Fireplaces
  • Furnaces
  • Pools or spas
  • Water heaters

Your Safety Is Our Main Concern

An expert plumber in Redwood City is fully capable of running gas lines for any of the above purposes. We can also take care of the gas lines if you are doing a remodeling project or building an addition. We have been installing gas lines for 20 years, so we have the know-how to get the job done right. The safety of you and your family is our top priority, so we will never allow gas lines that are unsafe to be used.

For a free estimate on your Redwood City gas line plumbing project, call Commando Plumbing at (650) 690-4868.